Lights... camera... action!

With the advent of social media being a cornerstone in how we stay connected today, the events that are most successful are the ones who know how to utilize and convert these services to their full potential. We can stream a live video feed straight to your online profile and pages instantly.

Let us show you the benefits of where this technology is heading and how you can take advantage with your very own TV channel and broadcast to the world.

We bring the cameras, switching equipment and wireless internet, and transmit right from your location.


Social streaming

Most online services offer a live video feature we are able to access, so your online followers can watch, like, share and comment on.

Great for interviews, product launches, festivals, forums and concerts.

Sponsor opportunities

We all know sponsors play a big part when it comes to running events. Why not offer them a special package of running their ad campaigns or logo placement in full high definition quality. We can switch to playback of TVCs and graphics when an opportunistic time arises.



Post production

All our cameras can do a full high definition record each which can be handed over to you after the event. Better still we can ingest all the footage into our edit suite and cut together a high quality video for promotional or archiving.

We all like to watch back on those awesome events and see how we can make it bigger and better.