A stage is the focal point and platform for your ideas and creations. Make sure you speak with VAST about getting the right stage for your event. Catwalk runways, trailer stages or design your own. Its all modular so we can build it to your specification.


Such an important aspect of any event to provide mood and accentuation. From small to large scale we can customise a lighting show to get the right impact you are looking for.

We also use the latest technology LED lighting fixtures for vivid colour, flexibility in design not to mention the environmental impact reduction with power saving features.

  • Conference
  • Gala Dinner
  • Party/Disco
  • Concert
  • Film Lighting

Rigging and Truss

An important skeleton to any event where equipment needs to be in the right spot to yield the best results. Can be as simple or complex as you require. Our engineers will make sure it is all measured and weighted properly to make for a safe and successful event.


Draping and Themes

To add clarity and focus to where the action is happening, draping is useful for hiding any unsightly mess and bring a sense of intimacy to the stage. Why not decorate to suit the event styling, our creative producers have access to props and materials that you can encourage them to design with.